The Phra Buddha Chinnarat Phra Buddha Chinnarat, Phitsanulok

The Buddha Chinnarat is the major attraction, and this is especially true for Thai people, is Phra Buddha Chinnarat.
The Buddha statue was made of  gilded bronze and dating back from the 14th centuryimage at Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat.
It is generally considered the second most important Buddha image of the country (after the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok).
The Buddha statue is a supreme example of late Sukhothai art, regarded as the Kingdom’s most beautiful Buddha image that has served as the model for many other Buddha images.

The Wat was built on the banks of the Nan River in 1357.
Also called Wat Yai, the temple complex originally housed a Sukhothai lotus bud chedi that was later replaced by the tall Ayutthayan prang that is seen today. It was cast in the attitude of subduing evil

The Wat is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9 am. to 4 pm.; admission is free. Dress appropriately when visiting this most sacred of temples - no shorts or sleeveless tops.

     Buddha Chinnarat