Thai television in Europe received.

You can watch Thai TV in Europe, however only program “TV 5”.

The satellite from Eutelsat systems bee in a geostatic orbit in ca. 36.000 km height vertical to the equator.
For this purpose you need a digitale satellite receiver.
For assembly satellite antenna
(bowl) you need free sight to the south skyline, i.e. to must not a hindrances (tree, houses, or the like) at given rate high angle from antenna (bowl).
First one you alignment the sat-bowl in direktions south and set the tilt angle
(see chart).

Oslo = 22°

Stockholm = 23°

Kopenhagen = 26°

Hamburg = 28°

Hannover = 30°

Berlin = 30°

Leipzig = 32°

Aachen = 32°

Frankfurt = 33°

Wien = 35°

München = 35°

Mailand = 38°

Madrid = 38°




Than you take best a compass from south 13° to direction east there are the EUTELSAT-systems. You must to locate Hotbird (by comarison; ASTRA to bee find 19° east).
Now you have the broadly default value, hence you must on your digitale sat-receiver take over the values.   The modern apparatuses are even preprogrammed, jet most on ASTRA. You must search now Hotbird 13° east and saving. Thai Global Network (TV 5) you find on the frequency 12.207 Mhz, polarisation H, Transponder 98, Symbolrate 27.500.
You can also take the atomatic search. Now you must make the signal strenght display
(over menue), the fine tuning on the sat-bowl adjusting (very careful).
When you take a scart-cable on the TV you connect only on “AV” or “0” , it’s need normaly not accessory other settings.
Final to retorque all screws and connector and you can enjoy your Thai-TV, having much success by assembly.

         Thai television