1. Entry Visa to Thailand (Type of visa)

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 2. An invite for Thai citizen to Germany

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 3. Marriage in Thailand

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 4. Visa application for family reunion

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     1. Entry Visa to Thailand to visit Thailand
 Without visa (with Arrival/Depature card):
 Normal entry to Thailand without visa is valid from the date of arrival for 30 days, this is for the most of the countries.
 Technically you must have an onward flight ticket, but in practice the visa will be issued almost without a question.

ā— Tourist visa (TR):
 This visa is issued by the Royal Thai Embassy in your country.
 These visas will be valid for 30 until 90 days with maximally 3 entries, each entry 30,- ā‚¬.

ā— Non Immigrant visa (B), (O), (ED), (M):
 Here there are the following visa categories ā€Bā€œ, ā€œOā€œ, ā€œEDā€œ and ā€œMā€œ.
 This visa is also issued by the Royal Thai Embassy in your country, and valid for stay maximally 90 days, each entry 50,- ā‚¬,
several times 120,- ā‚¬. This visa may be extended within Thailand for periods up to one year at the time.
 There are 4 basics grounds to obtain and renew a Non Immigrant visa:

  1. ā€œBā€ that you are employed, and have a work permit in Thailand (assumption of the costs explanation of the company with indication of the residence time area; at more than 15 days stay a copy of the work permit and/or the filing of an application).
  2. ā€œOā€ that you have a Thai family. So far assets of 200.000 Baht, on a Thai bank assets were sufficient for persons, who are married with a Thai, for attaining a yearly visa. This demanded amount is increased in July 2004 to 400.000 Baht.
  3. ā€œOā€ that you are retired and can prove adequate pension or other financial means to support yourself.
    Retired people over the age of 50 year can have a Non Immigrant visa if they have a sum over 800.000 Baht in there Thai bank account. This must be requested at the local immigration officer. For German pensioners most become at least a pension of 1.200,- ā‚¬ monthly requires.
  4. ā€œEDā€ this are for student (Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student ā€“ Form NIS); lecturer/professor (Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Lecturer ā€“ Form NIL) and teacher (confirmation of the school in Thailand).
  5. ā€œMā€ this are for Film producer (turning permission the film board commission of Thailand confirmed); journalist and correspondent (permission of the Thai State Department - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, press division).

 In certain cases it is possible to have a Non Immigrant visa for one year without having to leave the kingdom but then you will
 have to fulfill many conditions.
 Ownership or long lease of property has no bearing on the extension of a Non Immigrant visa.

ā— Resident visa:
 This visa is rarely issued and hard to obtain. These visas are issued on a very selective quote basis. Qualification requirements
 include reading and writing Thai, a fairly local financial status and some good (influential) Thai references.

ā— Overstay:
Exceeding the stay of your residence permit or visa by a few days will result in you paying a fine so far 200,- Baht for every day,
since March 2006 it is 500,- Baht every day excess fee had. If this is the case you should therefore arrive for departure some time before takeoff at the immigration-office as filling out the appropriate forms takes some time!
Longer overstaying your visa will end at court and if the fine cannot be paid you are inevitably sent to prison and later deported from Thailand!

Caution during the excess of the visa!

     2. An invite for Thai citizen to Germany invite to Germany
Obligation statement
ā— In order to be able to invite a Thai citizen to Germany, needs this the following documents of them:

  • An obligation statement (invitation), with which they transfer the adhesion for their visitor for the duration of the stay in
    Germany. This invitation letter must be requested by the foreigner authority responsible for it. At present it costs 25, - ā‚¬.
  • And the return flight ticket must be submitted.
  • The proof over of them, for the visitor locked health insurance for the attendance period.
  • A current certificate of earning service is favourable (one does not always require).

 If these documents arrived with their attendance in Thailand, he/she must with these documents, the passport, 1 photo,
 which requests visa fee and a contemporary health test to the German message in Bangkok and a visa for Germany.
 This will be issued for a validity period by 6 months, within those, one period by 90 days in Germany be spent may.

 They should ask their attendance to inquire also about exhibition of the visa to the departure from Thailand whether by Thai
 authorities additional documents are needed or in the inland punishability are present, since lately the Thai citizen were not
 allowed to leave the country despite given visa for Germany - this for the most diverse reasons.

     3. Marriage in Thailand for German Nationality only ThaiGerman
 Marriage Visa:
 Before the marriage minimum age of both engaged ones of 20 years.
 The waiting period for both engaged couple are 310 days after dissolution of the earlier marriage.
 The following documents have to be presented at the Embassy of Germany order to enable you to marry in Thailand:

ā— By the future German spouse:

  1. Photocopy of the first 2 pages of the valid German passport.
  2. Certified one true copy (by the German municipality) of the birth certificate.
  3. Certificate one of nationality residence and civil status (by the German municipality).
  4. Certificate one of divorce (if applicable).
  5. Certificate one of employment (by employer) with a proof of monthly income (by salary slip or tax form),
    legalized by the German municipality.
  6. One photocopy of the identity card (forefront and verso) of two German witnesses.

ā— By the future Thai spouse:

  1. The valid national passport or Thai identity card with a photocopy of the main page.
  2. The birth certificate with a photocopy.
  3. An excerpt from the house register.
  4. An unmarried certificate not older than 6 month with photocopy.

 These documents can be presented at the Embassy every working day between 08.oo h until 11.oo h.
 The Embassy will provide you with an affidavit to be filled out and signed and your signature will be legalized
 ( legalisation 25,- ā‚¬ each document the counter value in Baht will be required ).
 This affidavit has to be translated by a recognized translation office (list of translation offices at your disposal at the Embassy).
 Finally, the affidavit and its translation must be presented at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs
 (Department of Consular Affairs, legalization Department) Chaengwattanaroad in Bangkok for legalization.
 With the legalized affidavit the marriage can be contracted at a Thai city hall (Amphur) your choice.
 A marriage ceremony in the German Embassy is not possible.

 Before the marriage:
 Before the marriage both engaged couple should examine whether a marriage contract are perhaps applicable.

 The marriage:
 The marriage can take place in a Thai municipality (Amphur) after its conclusion you will be given 2 documents in Thai:

  • A true copy of the registration of the marriage certificate (copy of marriage registration book)
  • A marriage certificate

 After the marriage:
 These 2 documents must be legalized by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (see address above) before they are translated in
 the official language of the municipality of the German spouse by a recognized translation office
 (list at your disposal at the Embassy). Finally they must be legalized by the Embassy
 (per document the counter value in Baht of 25 Euro will be required) in order to allow you to register your marriage certificate
 at your German municipality. If Thai spouse now wishes to apply for a family reunion visa, the following documents must be
 presented at the visa section of the Embassy.


         4. Visa application for family reunion by the Thai spouse:
    ā— To apply for a family reunion visa, the Thai spouse should be present the following documents:

    •  Passport with a validity of at least 1 year on the date of application (2 photocopies of the main page).
    •  2 Application forms, filled out completely, with 2 recent photographs.
    • Proof of legal residence in Germany of the German spouse by the passport or the identity card (2 photocopies)
      or by the original of a certificate of registration in the municipality (1 photocopy). The original passport or identity card
      must not necessarily be presented. A copy will do.
    • A certified true copy (by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of the birth certificate, with translation (1 photocopy)
      that will be legalized by the Embassy.
    • The original of the marriage certificate (legalized by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs) with translation (1 photocopy)
      will be legalized by the embassy.
    • A certified true copy (by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of the registration of the marriage, with translation
      (1 photocopy) will be legalized by the embassy.
    • A certified true copy (by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of the registration of Divorce (if applicable) with translation
      ( 1 photocopy ) will be legalized by the Embassy.
    • The original of a certificate of good conduct (delivered in English by a Thai authority) (1 photocopy)
      will be legalized by the embassy.


    • All translation must be done in the official language of the municipality where the German spouse resides.
      A list of recognized translation offices is at your disposal at the embassy.
    • The visa is delivered free of charge.
    • To rule out all confusion concerning the number of photocopies required is might be good to know that one copy of the
      file is sent to Berlin (usually containing the originals) and one copy is kept at the Embassy. 2 photocopies are required
      for every document that does not remain in the file (e.g. passport).
    • All documents of which a certified true copy is required can also be presented in their original form.
    • An incomplete file is never accepted. Once accepted, and depending on the contents of the file, the visa application can
      be granted locally (in about 3 days) or can be sent to Berlin for decision (delay of about 6 weeks). In the latter case,
      and once the decision from Berlin has arrives, the applicant will be informed by the telephone by the Embassy.
    • The visa section is open every weekday from 08.oo h until 11.oo h.
    • Additional documents, even those not featured in the list above, may be required by the Embassy.


         5. Here the addresses from the German- and Thai- Embassies

      Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
      G.P.O. Box 2595
      9 South Sathorn Road
      Bangkok 10120
      Tel: 00662 / 287 90 00
      Fax: 00662 / 287 17 76

      Honorarkonsul der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
      199/163 Moo 3, Baan Nai Fun 2
      Kan Klong Chonpratan Road, Tambon Mae Hia
      Chiang Mai 50100
      Tel: 0066 53 83 87 35    Fax: 0066 53 83 87 35

                               Download Visa Form.pdf

      Honorarkonsulat der Deutschen Botschaft, Phuket
      100/425 Moo 3, Chalermprakiat R. 9 Road.
      Bypass Road North, Rassada / Phuket Town
      Phuket 83000
      Tel: 0066-76 35 41 19
      Tel: 0066-09 66 83 635     Fax: 0066-76 35 46 02

      The Royal Thai Embassy
      12163 Berlin
      (030) 79 48 10
      Fax. (030) 79 48 1 511

                                     Download Visa Form.pdf

      Royal Thai Consulate-General, Frankfurt
      109 Kennedyallee, 60596 Frankfurt/Main
      Tel. (069) 698680
      Fax. (069) 69868228

      Royal Thai Honorary Consulate-General, Hamburg
      An der Alster 85, 20099 Hamburg
      Tel. (040) 24839118
      Fax. (040) 24839115

      Royal Thai Honorary Consulate-General, Munich
      Prinzenstr. 13, 80639 MĆ¼nchen
      Tel. (089) 1689788,
      Fax. (089) 13071180

      Royal Thai Honorary Consulate, Stuttgart
      Stephaniestr.22, 76133 Karlsruhe
      Tel. (0721) 2031456
      Fax. (0721) 2031457

      Royal Thai Honorary Consulate, DĆ¼sseldorf
      Cecilienallee 9, 40474 DĆ¼sseldorf
      Tel. (0211) 4912632
      Fax. (0211) 4912639


      A guarantee for the correctness and completeness as well as an
       adhesion for possibly occurring damage cannot be taken over.

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