Driving licence info for:
If you itend your girlfriend / affianced for longer time to invite to Germany (may to get married), she should before to get an international driving licence (to be a half year into possession), or a translated and authenticated Thai driving licence.
Local province offices normally cannot issue international driving licences, and those are usually obtained in Bangkok.
                               The adress in Bangkok:
                               1032 Phahon Yothin Road
                               Kwang Ladyao
                               Khet Chatuchak
                               Bangkok, 10900
After the registration in Germany may she drive 1year, thus your girlfriend gets enough driving experience in Germany.
Afterwarts she needs the training course for “First assistance” and an “Eyes investigation” she can announce the theoretical
and the practical driving examination without long obligation driving lessons.
That particularly saves much time and money.

Driving licence info for:
If you itend to get your Thai driving licence, you must apply in the province that you live.
You normally get your Thai driving licence immediately while you are there.
To get a Thai driving licence, there are many more offices where you can go, and you are required to go to the branch office designated for your residential address.
Office working hours, last time I checked, were 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.
Who in the possession of an internatinal driving licence is, get the Thai driving licence immediately. If not, you take a written
multi choice test & sometimes a road test. If you don't have a car or motorbike then you can rent one at some offices.
The test is simple, but be careful, as there's a report of motorcycles having no brakes and things like that.
Now the Thai driving licences to be valid 5 years (before must be renewed every year), but you need 90 days before ceases
to make a new motion for extension of a time limit. The applications must be made in person.
Driving licence (motorcycle) for 5 year fee 275,- Baht and for car fee 505,- Baht.
Driving licence (motorcycle) for 1 year fee 55,- Baht and for car fee 105,- Baht.

               For the Thai driving licence, you need for motorbike- and car driving licence:
               Passport & visa page, 2 copies
               Non-immigrant visa, 2 copies
               Einreisekarte/Re-entry Permit, TM 2 copies
               Medical certificate, 1 copy, Original
               International driving licence from your native country to verify what licence you hold, 2 copies
               Wohnortbestätigung/Notification of Foreigners Residence 2 paper, 400,- Bahtb bei Immigration erhältlich!
               4 small photos , each license two, size 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" filmed, not by digital camera and printer,
                   usually available near the office.

The police in the tourist areas of Phuket do not only examine recently the helmets, they examine also the correct motorcycle
driving licence. Let therefore, before you begin your Thailand holiday an international driving licence issue in your home traffic
office. An international driving licence only for car is not sufficient. These contols are daily conditionally different.

A guarantee for the correctness and completeness as well as an
 adhesion for possibly occurring damage cannot be taken over.

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