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A small overview about Phuket’s history.

On the ancient maps of the region around Thailand’s south-west coast stand the name “Junk Ceylon”, it’s can be seen describing the island we now call Phuket, it was a popular stop for seamen vessels and probably earned it’s modern name from Tamils raveling from India in the early eleventh century. The name shape like a tear pendulum. At one stage, Phuket belonged to the Malay Shivite kingdom but later came under partial Thai rule. During Thailand’s “Ayuttaya” discovered on the island, the Thai kingdom allowed a power sharing relationship with foreign nations who occupied the south and west. In the late 18.century quests to occupy the Thai kingdom, made several forays upon “Thalang” the capital at that time. One of the island’s most famous battles occurred which was “Chan”, the widow from departed governor and her sister “Mook”, made a victorious stand against the invaders in 1785. Phuket prospered from tin mining first on land, then later through exploitation once the ore was depleted, Phuket’s economy was once again revised from the production of rubber, which was later remove through the tourism.

Rubber harvest
The heroines monument
Chan + Mook

The Heroines Monument from the sister’s Khunying Chan and Khun Mook

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