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Phuket is a large island in the Indian Ocean. It is 862 kms south of Bangkok and it is the only island belonging to Thailand having provincial status. Phuket occupies 543 square kilometers and is the smallest southern province. Phuket have surrounded by 39 smaller islands. Phuket has been a regional headquarters, with a rich colorful history. The island is known as the “Pearl of  Thailand” (the Pearl of Andaman) though it gets it is enormous wealth from tin production. It is Thailand's largest tin producer.
With all the surrounding waters along the island's shape from the north  to the south there contain a lot of colorful marine life. Today Phuket is an  internationally famous island resort, one of the most important destinations in Thailand with a wide variety of magnificent beaches, hidden coves, secluded bays and forested hillsides. Either you want to have action or relaxation, you can surely have it in Phuket. Here you also can find restaurants with a lot of delicious seafood.
The Phuket town is notable for its old European  architecture. It is a very attractive island for all kind of visitors.

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