The eagle, the national arm animal of the U.S.A.

11.000 km with a motorhome across the U.S.A. !

Yosemite , California

I hope you had a little bit pleasure at my small section from my photo album !  I think, at one of my next journeys, I become still some pages newly design, with new impressions from Thailand, Hamburg and the U.S.A. !!  Thank you, for spent me your time.

And my hometown
Hamburg ?
Click for Miami, Florida Forecast
Destin, Florida
The USS-Alabama
White sands, New Mexico
Patrified Forest, Arizona
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Monument Vally, Arizona
Monticello, Utah
Bryce Canyon, Utah
Double Arch, Utah
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
Death Valley, California
Yosemitefalls, California
Yosemite park , California
Goldengate bridge, California
Alcatraz, California
The road no.1, California
Pacific Ocean, California
Sea world San Diego
          The U.S.A.