The Sea-gypsies village,
the simple life terse over the water.

...... from far away already the teal-colorful minarette of a mosque forth out.
Because the ancestors of the sea-gypsies originate from Malaysia and brought the Islam also.
The designation "sea-gypsy" is to be due in the reason wrongly and only to mutilating a Thai term and it’s re-translation.
The first sea-gypsies built their cottage on the group of chalk rocks, on whose foot also the mosque stands. Others set up their houses in the middle in the sea, which connect the individual houses and buildings of stakes with wood bars. While many of the wood dwellings from lake work grey and unattractively, to the landing places due to their advertisement-describe, color splendour and size sting out. There is restaurants, which take up the constant tide of the tourists. They get here refreshments such as Cola or mineral waters as well as a multiplicity of light meals. Alcoholic is however forbidden in the village.

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